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This Equality's All an Act
"Americans want to end discrimination, they'll argue. Well, of course they do. We all do. But not when "ending discrimination" means a drag queen in every library, a man in every girls' restroom, or an atheist teacher in every Christian school."
The Answer
"The problems go far deeper than politics. We need changed hearts. You and I can’t give people new hearts, but we know Someone who can."
Doomsayers Keep Getting It Wrong
John Stossel demonstrates a very common weakness among the experts: "Experts and models constantly over-predict disaster!"
The officer’s body cam of the arrest of George Floyd leaked
Watch Ben Shapiro‘s breakdown of the leaked footage of the arrest of George Floyd.
Ben Shapiro’s transphobia debate
Watch Ben Shapiro debate a 22-year-old on transgenderism
CDC Inflates COVID Cases With New Definition
CCHF president, Twila Brase reveals the fact that the CDC corrupted the meaning of a COVID-19 "case" by adding probable cases to tested cases. Death counts have also been affected.
A special word from the two women who went to preach at CHAZ
These two brave women went viral after going to minister to CHAZ. This is a video of their perspective. If you aren’t on fire for Jesus now, you will be after this video!
Dr. Jordan Peterson‘s lecture about postmodernism and the Marxist lie of white privilege.
This video was recorded two years ago, and it is more relevant today than it ever was.
Not All Black Lives Matter to Black Lives Matter
"Last weekend, at least 89 people were shot in Chicago, leaving at least 17 dead. Shootings in Philadelphia have spiked 67%. In the first week of June, Los Angeles saw a shocking 250% increase in murders from the prior week. New York City's shootings have skyrocketed 44% over last year's numbers; every person shot there the week of June 29 -- 101 -- was from a minority community."
Do masks work?
The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons have scientific evidence that masks are not as effective as we’ve been told.
Proclaiming God's promise – not 'pride'
"The apologetics ministry behind the 'Ark Encounter' theme park in northern Kentucky is reclaiming the rainbow."
6 In 1 Qi Fast Wireless Charging Dock Stand Station
360 ° rotating dock charger, iPhone / micro / type-C three in one charger, wireless fast charging, smart watch charging bracket and wireless headset charging base.
President Trump Announces Lawsuit Against Nevada
President Trump Announces lawsuit against a last minute Nevada mail-in voting law.
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Ethical stem cell blood bank opens
A four-year-old girl with leukaemia recovered after treatment with stem cells from an umbilical cord.


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