Benefits for Bloggers

Amen Me provides an opportunity for bloggers to get more visitors. Amen Me subscribers have already requested to receive content within specific categories and Amen Me gives you a way to provide this content to them.

How it works

Publishers first submit their content for review and the content will be evaluated by Amen Me editors. If your site is approved, it will display on the site with its first "Amen!". It will be sent to everyone who subscribes to the category your submission is published to and be published on Amen Me's Twitter feed.

When visitors come to the Amen Me site, they will see your site at the top of the list, at least until someone else gets an "Amen!" When someone else gives your content an "Amen!", it adds one "Amen!" to your total count and moves your submission back to the top of Amen Me's front page again.

The more "Amens!" you get the more your site moves to back to the top of the front page, and the more it moves to the top, the more exposure your content gets on Amen Me. All links are ranked by popularity within individual categories. If your link becomes very popular, it will rise in its category too.

Know the Rules

Before you submit a site, it is important for you to review how we decide what to publish. We are careful to choose sites that fit a category's purpose and provide content that we think will fit. Please also review our statement of faith before posting. This service is managed according to biblical Christian principles. This will help you get an idea about what kind of content we will accept. If a member's submissions are found to be consistently inappropriate, all posts from that member will be ignored.

Can I Start a Blog Here?

Amen Me doesn't provide a blogging service, but there are many good ones already available on the web. Many of them are free. Just start a blog on one of these services first. Two good ones are: Wordpress and Blogger.

How can people Amen Me?

The trick is to put an Amen Me! button somewhere on the content page. One way is to create a custom button here. Another way is to create an AddThis button for your content. If you use Wordpress for your blog, there a plug-in available. Just search for "AddThis". This provides your viewers a way to "Amen!" something or share it with other services as well.

Can I Advertise?

Amen Me doesn't allow advertising to be submitted, but you may be able to advertise something by using our affiliate program provider for your product or service. Amen Me may choose to be your affiliate. If you have a blog with ads on it, that's ok, as long as you have content on the blog that fits a category, and the ads don't violate the rules either. Ads must stay the same. They can't be the kind of ads that change for each visitor. You are encouraged to advertise on your site or blog so that you can be rewarded for your hard work as web publisher!

Earning Ad Income on Amen Me

Amen Me has an experimental new program that can allow you to earn ad income from Amen Me by sharing ad space with us. if you are interested in finding out more, become a member and checkout our new program by going to My Amen Me. This is a program that allows you to provide your (fixed, non GoogleAds) ad code to us to put on landing pages for sites you submit. As people visit your submitted sites, you have an opportunity to earn income from your own ads. You help Amen Me succeed by developing great web content for our visitors. Thank you!

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