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The Basic Rule

This is a web content voting and retrieval system specifically for Bible-believing Christians. It is a way for popular web content for this audience to get to the top and unwanted content to ultimately be removed. The flow and good visitor experience is protected and should not be disrupted. We will remove and promote sites as needed to preserve a good experience for our visitors no matter what that may be. We now carefully screen the content and try to post only content we believe will be popular with this audience.


In order to provide a good experience at this site, we must decide what will be made public. This is a judgment call on our part but it is done with an intent to make a high quality service. To the best of our ablitity we will allow the free flow of content on the site.

The content must be consistent with those who believe in Biblical Christianity. This means that they must not encourage immorality or move people away from Christianity as defined by the Bible.

Many sites are not allowed because they discourage Biblical Christian faith. This does not mean that all content must be about Christianity, but this is not a place to post content that will distract people from their Christian belief and convictions.

At this time, only website content in English is allowed. Acceptable international English is required. Spelling or grammar errors may be a reason for not selecting a submission.

Sometimes, ads displayed on a site are the only reason a site is not chosen. Both the content and the ads must be acceptable in order to be selected.

Sometimes, links to other sites make a site acceptable. If your site contains links to unaccepable content, even acceptable content will have to be removed because of the links as they will detract from our audiences enjoyment of this site.

Advertising and Marketing Sites

Amen Me! will not select sites that primarily market or advertise a product or a service for sale or non-profit benefits. This includes church or ministry announcements. We do want you to put your product, service or announcement on Amen Me! That's why we offer advertising. If you would like to advertise something on Amen Me, find out more at our sponsorship page.

It is also very important that your content follow the FTC's guidelines. We will not accept content with hidden ads. All within the text of the content must be clearly marked as such. Just adding a link is not typically enough. Usually you must prefix the text with: "ad:"


Amen Me will not select sites that offer downloads of any kind. We currently do not have the time to verify that the downloads contain the items they claim and are free of viruses.

Security Risks

Some sites are removed because, whether the submitter is aware of it or not, they pose a security risk to either Amen Me or to our viewers. It is important that you test your site carefully first before submitting. Check your site in different browsers. If your site produces security warnings, it will be removed without notice.

Some entire websites produce warnings, Any link that is posted from these domains is removed.

Some sites gather information from users. If they appear to be harmful these will be removed.

Privacy Risks

Some sites are removed because, whether the submitter is aware of it or not, they pose a privacy risk to either Amen Me or to our viewers.

If Amen Me detects or suspects any abuse of personal information, all sites by the domain in question will be removed immediately.

Amen Me would like to maintain a highly protected environment to the highest degree that we can. Thank you for helping us do this.

Significant or Repeated Miscategorization

Categories are important to the function of Amen Me It is important that you categorize your site accurately before they are accepted. If it is not categorized accurately, it may be removed. You may try again with a different category. We may categorize a site for you once or twice. If you continue significantly miscategorize your sites your submissions may be suspended or denied.

Poor or Misleading Descriptions or Titles

In order to maintain the flow of the site, titles and descriptions must be properly spelled and worded in English. The title and description must represent what the user will find when they click. If you are posting to a forwarding page or ad page instead of what the title or descriptions says, the site will automatically be removed.


Only one link that has the same title and description will be allowed on the site. Repeating the same tile and description for multiple links and categories is not allowed. The title and description are critical to a member's ability to understand what they are clicking on.

Disfunctional Sites

If your link does not work or the site itself has errors and we cannot quickly determine how to fix it, the link will be deleted so that it doesn't distract from the purpose of the site.


Sometimes two posts contain the same thing only very slightly different. It may be the same basic page but slightly different text is highlighted. If one is chosen for submission, we will remove the other one. Domains or members who do this repeatedly may be denied as this floods our servers with useless copies and doesn't help the submitter get any more votes.

Back Button Busters

We may choose to limit content to pages that implement a browser functions that makes it difficult for a user to hit the "back" button. We will delete sites with this "feature" at our own will as it may be adding to the frustration of our viewer experience overall.

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