How to see the most popular sites on Amen Me!

1) Click on the Amen Me! Banner at the top of the page

Any time that you click on the graphic at the top of an Amen Me! page it takes you back to the main page. In order to get to Amen Me's list of most popular sites, you must be on a page that has the option on it like the main page does. Start by clicking on the banner. This is the graphic at the top of the page that has the golden Amen Me and the halo on it. A part of the banner image is shown if Figure 1 below.

A part of the banner image

Figure 1. A part of the Amen Me! top banner

2) Locate the "Order" drop-down menu

On the main page, there is a section below the naviation options that contains two drop-down menus. One of these is called the "Order" drop-down menu. Figure 2 shows a picture of it.

A part of the banner image

Figure 2. The order drop-down menu

By default, the order drop-down menu shows the site listings in "most recent" order. These listings are the sites that have been voted for most recently. To see the sites that are the most popular, we need to change this menu to read "Most Popular".

3) Click on the "Order" drop-down menu to drop it down.

To change the menu, click anywhere on the words of the menu or on the little triangle arrow on the right of the menu and it will drop down to look like Figure 3.

A part of the banner image

Figure 3. The order drop-down menu options

4) Click on the "Most Popular" option in the drop-down menu.

As soon as you click "Most Popular" the screen changes and Amen Me! sites are listed starting with the very most popular site and counting down.

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