How to Start Receiving New Submission Email Alerts

*** This feature is currently unavailable. We are considering new ways of alerting you without using email. ***

1) Sign In. If you aren't a member, it's easy. Register by using your email address, a nickname and a password. If you are already a member, make sure you are signed in and go to step two.

The sign in button

Figure 1. Sign In Button

2) Go to My Amen Me. "My Amen Me" is a part of Amen Me where you can see all of your personal settings. That's where you subscribe to new submission alerts. They are in the "Subscribe by Category" box.

The My Amen Me button

Figure 2. My Amen Me Button

3) Select your Alert Categories. The "Subscribe by Category" box also has a list of Amen Me categories with check boxes next to them. To start receiving new submission alerts for a specific category, just check the box next to the category. When something new comes in, it will be sent to you.

A part of the subscription categories box

Figure 3. Subscription Categories in My Amen Me

That's it! You will start receiving new submissions as the come in.

Notes: If you haven't been to My Amen Me for a while, make sure to verify your Alert Email Address. My Amen Me allows you to select a different email address for alerts than the one that you signed up with if you wish. If your email address is empty, you will need to put one in by using the "Change" button.

If you add a new email address for alerts, you will receive a verification email first. Make sure to find that email and click on the link to verify your new address. Also, make sure to check your junk mail box. You will need to make sure that you tell your email system to not put the messages into your junk mail.

If you ever want to turn off your email alerts for any reason, just go back to My Amen Me and uncheck the check box next to the category that you wish to stop receiving email from. Unchecking them all will turn them all off. You are in complete control of how much email you wish to receive. Amen Me does not send email alerts that you have not requested.

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